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Top new questions this week:

Correct way to spin-up for sensitivity analysis in a Global Chemical Transport Models

In my understanding, in Global Chemical Transport Models, initial conditions are provided by spinning up the model or through previous simulation. But, can I use the same initial condition that I ...

atmosphere atmosphere-modelling atmospheric-chemistry  
asked by Map06 5 votes
answered by Nemesi 2 votes

Deriving shallow water equations: why is the vertical velocity equal to the material derivative of the surface level?

I'm reading about the derivation of shallow water equations, and I have a hard time understanding why $$ w(\eta) = \frac{D\eta}{Dt}$$ where $w$ is the vertical velocity, $\eta$ is the (top or bottom) ...

oceanography fluid-dynamics  
asked by blupp 3 votes
answered by wingtorres 4 votes

Is a hotter climate making trees grow faster and have lighter wood?

I started thinking about this after seeing several articles about falling trees, in particular a few articles about very large trees falling in Los Angeles and New York City. Plus, just thinking about ...

meteorology climate-change soil-science  
asked by riverhawk 2 votes
answered by Ash 2 votes

Difference between Kenorland and Arctica

Whats the difference between Kenorland and Arctica? Is it believed that both existed or is it a matter of choosing one or the other? Both consist of Laurentia, Baltica, and Ur. But Kenorland includes ...

asked by R. Emery 1 vote

Terracing in Mahad

my first time here! I was going down the rabbit hole after watching a video on YouTube that made me want to read about it on Wikipedia. It led me to this Picture: (View from Varandha Pass near Mahad ...

geography mountains structural-geology  
asked by Cryogen 1 vote
answered by Andy M 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is El Niño Modoki?

What are the characteristics that distinguishes a El Niño Modoki from a "normal" El Niño? What are the effects of El Niño Modoki on atmospheric and oceanic processes? How does it affect weather ...

meteorology atmosphere ocean enso  
asked by arkaia 14 votes
answered by Isopycnal Oscillation 10 votes

Is there any experiment to prove that CO2 with the atmosphere concentration can have greenhouse effect?

All gas molecules have the capability to absorb radiation energy. $\rm{CO}_2$ has much less capability to absorb radiation energy, comparing with water vapor. In Earth's atmosphere currently $\rm{CO}...

climate-change carbon water-vapour greenhouse-gases  
asked by Charlie Jiang 10 votes
answered by Pont 40 votes

Coriolis effect and Cyclones

The Coriolis force predicts that winds in the northern hemisphere should be deflected in a clockwise pattern and winds in the southern hemisphere should be deflected in an anti-clockwise pattern. Why ...

atmosphere coriolis cyclone  
asked by Kenshin 16 votes

Can large earthquakes happen twice/thrice at the same place within a short timeframe

I want to know if large earthquakes can happen twice in the same region? The reason is that the recent earthquake in Nepal was followed by many after shocks of considerable magnitude. I wanted to ...

seismology earthquakes  
asked by Aman Deep Gautam 6 votes
answered by Fred 6 votes

How did forests end up covering pyramids?

I went to Mexico and the pyramids are covered by vegetation. It's only after archeologists clean them that you can actually see the pyramids. Before that they looked like a natural hill, with soil, ...

forest soil-science vegetation natural-conditions  
asked by Thomas 15 votes
answered by Fred 16 votes

What place on Earth is closest to the Sun?

What is the location on Earth that is closest to the Sun? I've seen this question asked many times, and answered in varied and contradictory ways: The most common answer is “the summit of Chimborazo ...

geography earth-system astronomy orbit geodesy  
asked by Camilo Rada 82 votes
answered by Camilo Rada 149 votes

Does human body temperature impact climate change?

The human body temperature is about 37 °C (99 °F), so as the population increases does this cause the Earth's temperature to rise?

climate-change temperature human-influence earth-system  
asked by user11473 23 votes
answered by David Hammen 36 votes
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