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Top new questions this week:

Does Antarctica have a lot of aquifers?

I got to thinking about freshwater on Antarctica. Obviously, there is a lot of freshwater ice. However, the deeper you go underground, eventually the dirt will be warmed geothermically. So does the ...

groundwater antarctic  
asked by World Outsider 7 votes
answered by Michael Walsby 5 votes

What is the name of this landform?

These are from the movie Insomnia. Also available in this video from 4 seconds to 8 seconds. What is the name of this landform? Are these just snow on Lapies? or These are some form of glaciated ...

glaciology groundwater snow land-surface  
asked by Arun Rajagopal 6 votes
answered by Etienne Godin 11 votes

Does erosion make mountains become higher?

Recently at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, I saw a display set that claimed erosion makes mountains rise higher, counterintuitively. The explanation was that the material removed ...

plate-tectonics mountains  
asked by WillG 5 votes
answered by Spencer 6 votes

Why is wind shear consistently high in the South Atlantic?

I have read that perhaps the largest reason that tropical cyclones are so rare in the South Atlantic is due to chronically-high vertical wind shear which inhibits their structural development. But ...

meteorology atmosphere climate tropical-cyclone climatology  
asked by Grant Hartlage 3 votes

Life expectancy on Mars

My question is as scientists and geologists who are involved in study of life on mars ,said that there might be a multicellular life present on mars in past..But what are some biological traces that ...

asked by saurabh shukla 3 votes
answered by Etienne Godin 4 votes

How reliable would measuring global heating from satellite be?

Some anthropogenic global heating (AGH) skeptics deny that any global heating is occurring. I figured out a way that could be used to refute them. A weighted average of all of the thermal points on ...

asked by polcott 3 votes
answered by gerrit 5 votes

What's the story of the shear face in the new Mac OS Catalina wallpaper?

The new Mac OS boasts a beautiful default desktop background with the western tip of Santa Catalina Island. The rock formation in the foreground looks like it was sliced on the diagonal with a power ...

geology california  
asked by ed94133 3 votes
answered by Michael Walsby 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why are oceanic plates denser than continental plates?

In the theory of tectonic plates, at a convergent boundary between a continental plate and an oceanic plate, the denser plate usually subducts underneath the less dense plate. It is well known that ...

geology geophysics plate-tectonics  
asked by Kenshin 19 votes
answered by winwaed 22 votes

Why was the initial theory of plate tectonics so controversial?

I have been set the task of researching plate tectonics, specifically: "Why was its discovery so important in its time and controversial?" I do not need a long answer, although more detail is always ...

asked by Bob Eret 25 votes
answered by Fred 21 votes

What was the first rock in the rock cycle?

I am an undergraduate student but I am a tutor at a High School, and one student asked me. Attempting to explain the rock cycle "if one rock turns into the other then which came first" my gut is ...

geology geochemistry earth-history rocks  
asked by Lucian09474 17 votes
answered by Gimelist 19 votes

Is oxygen the most abundant element on Earth?

When I was in school, I was taught that we need oxygen to breathe, but it actually constitutes only a small fraction of the atmospheric composition, and that nitrogen constituted the largest fraction ...

atmosphere geochemistry nitrogen oxygen  
asked by series0ne 8 votes
answered by bon 11 votes

Are there any saltwater rivers on Earth?

I'm curious if there are any saltwater rivers on Earth. These would presumably arise if a saltwater lake had a river outlet to the ocean. However, all the saltwater lakes I looked at (Caspian Sea, ...

hydrology geography rivers salinity estuary  
asked by DrZ214 71 votes
answered by Gordon Stanger 81 votes

Would oceans regenerate if removed?

On Earth, there is enough Hydrogen and Oxygen to make 13,88 million km$^3$ of water (calculation below). However, oceans contain only a tenth of that. Clearly, most of the hydrogen must be stored in ...

geology geophysics oceanography geochemistry water  
asked by Camilo Rada 13 votes
answered by Camilo Rada 9 votes

Is it possible for rivers to freeze completely and stop flowing?

Is it possible for rivers to freeze completely in the winter and stop flowing? Are there known examples of this? If yes, how large can these rivers be and where does the water go? There are several ...

temperature rivers water  
asked by Glacialis 30 votes
answered by Fred 24 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Natural air-CO2 deviations in the troposphere

I'm working on a room air quality management algorithm, and many sensors seem to respond with CO2 measurements of as little as 200 ppm. Obviously a sensor giving off this value will be broken or badly ...

asked by cheesus 1 vote

Why aren't tornadoes embedded in squall lines or tornadoes in high-precipitation supercells destroyed by downdrafts?

I often hear that tornadoes die when the RFD (Rear Flank Downdraft) strengthens and destroys their source of inflow... How do tornadoes get any inflowing updrafts when they are embedded in rain? How ...

meteorology tornado  
asked by Bob 3 votes

MERRA-2 Reanalysis data V and U wind are missing values over land at 1000 hPa pressure level

I need 6-hour MERRA-2 reanalysis data to do some research. I downloaded the data from this website: When I used ncview to ...

asked by Love_qq_xq 1 vote
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