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Top new questions this week:

Why is the creation of water from the combustion of hydrocarbons not listed as a cause for rising sea levels? According to this paper, water is created by burning hydrocarbon fuels. It seems like a major thing to exclude from "reasons the sea ...

atmosphere climate-change sea-level fossil-fuel  
asked by Eric Ramljak 4 votes
answered by Erik 6 votes

Lead remote sensing?

I am trying to formulate a research topic centered around the environmental effects of general aviation's continued use of leaded gasoline (containing tetraethyllead) to power piston aircraft. In ...

remote-sensing satellites spectral-analysis  
asked by Damian Hackett 3 votes

How to start studying dinosaurs and pre-historic mammals/sea creatures

I'm kind new to this hole thing of dinosaurs that I'm really interested in, are there any good books/websites/webpages to study the biology of pre-historic creatures? Dinosaurs, mammals, fishes, ...

asked by Lucas Giraldi A. Coimbra 2 votes
answered by a_donda 1 vote

Where to find reliable snowfall rate data?

Would you please let me know where I can find/download reliable snowfall rate datasets? I am looking for multiple weather stations (in different regions) or field measured data, that contain both ...

hydrology precipitation earth-observation snow weatherdata  
asked by Alireza Amani 1 vote
answered by BarocliniCplusplus 2 votes

Color of Sunsets

I heard that hot weather in the summer makes the pastel colors of the sunset sky more vivid and more red? Is this true? But I also heard that in the winter, the colors of the sunset sky are brighter ...

meteorology atmosphere sun  
asked by Ryan Amalfitano 1 vote
answered by a_donda 1 vote

How to curb losses during annual heavy rainfalls

Every year I see these sort of news articles where states are flooded particularly due to their geographical location and vicinity to flood prone areas, however year after year there is no improvement ...

rain natural-disasters flooding  
asked by FoundABetterName 1 vote
answered by Fred 2 votes

Does evaporated hand sanitizer pollute the environment?

With all the COVID-19 stuff going on, I feel the usage of alcohol-based hand sanitizers has increased many fold. I wonder what happens to all that evaporated alcohol in the atmosphere. How soon does ...

atmosphere atmospheric-chemistry evaporation  
asked by Anurag Dubey 1 vote
answered by anatolyg 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How are hillsides farmed?

I would assume hilly land is more labor-intensive to farm than flat land, and more exhausting to humans and animals if traditional farming techniques are used. How do farmers plant and plow on ...

asked by kenkujukebox 12 votes
answered by Michael Walsby 13 votes

Are the processes of the rock cycle currently in dynamic equilibrium?

The standard representation of the rock cycle usually looks like this: Does each stage of the rock cycle currently balance? That is, are the various processes in dynamic equilibrium, so that the ...

geology rocks petrology geodynamics  
asked by Poomrokc The 3years 16 votes
answered by Pont 18 votes

Why do snowflakes form into hexagonal structures?

Snowflakes are known to form into pretty hexagonal structures. The image below shows a variety of such structures that are possible (although by all means not an exhaustive list): What is the ...

meteorology snow crystallography  
asked by Kenshin 45 votes
answered by casey 37 votes

What was the highest temperature ever recorded on the surface of Earth?

The article entitled "54 Celsius degrees in Iran, the highest temperature ever recorded?" says 56,6 Celsius may be the highest temperature ever recorded, in Death Valley, California, and it also ...

climate temperature measurements extreme-weather field-measurements  
asked by Pablo 11 votes
answered by Camilo Rada 19 votes

Is Mount Everest currently becoming taller or shorter every year?

Is Mount Everest becoming taller or shorter every year? By how much? I would like an explanation in terms of tectonic plate movement if possible. Source:

geology mountains  
asked by Poomrokc The 3years 11 votes
answered by Richard 17 votes

Why was the initial theory of plate tectonics so controversial?

I have been set the task of researching plate tectonics, specifically: "Why was its discovery so important in its time and controversial?" I do not need a long answer, although more detail is always ...

asked by Bob Eret 26 votes
answered by Fred 21 votes

Why do we say Earth rotates from west to east?

It is said that Earth rotates from west to east. I take this as Earth's western hemisphere moves towards the Eastern hemisphere when seen from the frame of reference of pole star. Now I can ...

geography earth-rotation  
asked by user31782 7 votes
answered by Camilo Rada 9 votes
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