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Top new questions this week:

How plausible is it that "a portion of the ocean's floor" could suddenly be "thrown up to the surface" as described in this Lovecraft story?

This question came to me after reading H.P. Lovecraft's "Dagon"- the protagonist has fallen asleep drifting on the ocean in a small boat. He wakes up one morning to discover he's been ...

geology oceanography volcanology geodynamics islands  
asked by Mantha Score of 11
answered by Fred Score of 12

Do scientists ever make rock vapor in a laboratory? If so, is it ever used to study planetary or lunar formation?

This answer to What is the nature of "rock vapor" in this description of the formation of the Moon? explains what "rock vapor" is and how scientists use the concept to understand ...

geochemistry planetary-science planetary-formation  
asked by uhoh Score of 6
answered by Gimelist Score of 8

Do lakes tend to have elliptical shapes more often than circular shapes?

I saw this interesting graphic of some of the largest lakes in the world. It strikes me as somewhat curious that most of the lakes have a high eccentricity - that is, they appear to have a "...

asked by Mark S Score of 2

Would covering part of Lake Mead with large sheets of bubble wrap reduce the amount of water lost to evaporation?

I have been recently thinking about how the water level of Lake Mead keeps dropping due to its high water evaporation rate brought on by recent years of historical drought conditions. The continuous ...

climate-change hydrology water geoengineering water-vapour  
asked by user57467 Score of 2
answered by damp_civil Score of 9

Is it possible to reliably infer the anthropogenic contribution to the post-industrial rise in $\ce{CO2}$ from $^{14}\ce{C}$ observations?

There have been several papers [failures of the review process] that have argued that the post-industrial rise in atmospheric $\ce{CO2}$ is primarily a natural phenomenon, or have sought to minimise ...

climate-change carbon-cycle anthropogenic  
asked by Dikran Marsupial Score of 2

Formation of steam underground

In the process of drilling holes in the ground, if water was introduced, could it reach equilibrium vapor pressure, flash to steam and expel drill bit, drilling rod, and other debris up and out of the ...

water geothermal-heat drilling  
asked by Kenneth Vaughan Score of 1
answered by Fred Score of 2

Complex interpolation for Isotopic data

I have another question, is there a package that interpolates precipitation data taking into account mountains and oceans? I have so far used Numpy and Basemap but as you can see in the code, the data ...

models climate-models mapping python interpolation  
asked by Weiss Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the difference between N-MORB, E-MORB and OIB?

What are the differences between N-MORB, E-MORB and OIB with regards to: Tectonic setting Geochemical features There are several types of basalts, but I can't find a clearly explained article.

geochemistry igneous sea-floor-spreading hotspot  
asked by Artem Bich Score of 4
answered by dergeophysiker Score of 8

Why are many fossils found in deserts?

Why are deserts famous for fossils? Is it a coincidence? Some examples: Giant Catfish Fossil Found in Egyptian Desert Chile's stunning fossil whale graveyard explained Giant Dinosaur Fossil Found ...

paleontology fossils desert  
asked by Porcupine Score of 12

What is the difference between a geologist and a geophysicist?

What are the main differences between geologists and geophysicists?

geophysics geology  
asked by Kenshin Score of 10
answered by tobias47n9e Score of 12

Is the color of the sky the same everywhere on earth?

Is the color of the sky at noon (local time) in, say, NY, Buenos Aires, London, Nairobi, Sydney, New Delhi and Tokyo the same? I choose the specific time of noon to exclude the twilight colors of the ...

atmosphere radiative-transfer  
asked by MagTun Score of 23
answered by f.thorpe Score of 15

How long does it take for a stone to alter?

We see stones and they appear to be the same throughout our life time. Mountains also appear to not significantly change. So do mountains and stones decompose? What is the life span of a stone? After ...

geology rocks erosion weathering  
asked by avito009 Score of 11
answered by Gary Kindel Score of 13

Why are there no crystals with 5-fold symmetry?

They say you can't pack objects like pentagons or octagons such that they fill up space entirely and that that's one reason there is no 5-fold or 8-fold rotational axis. Are you telling me you can ...

crystals crystallography  
asked by Tamás Score of 7
answered by winwaed Score of 7

CO₂ level is high enough that it reduces cognitive ability. Isn't that a reason to worry?

I think the level of carbon dioxide in the air is high enough to reduce the intelligence of humans. This has nothing to do with climate change. Except that both mean we should reduce CO₂. I never ...

climate-change greenhouse-gases  
asked by Volker Siegel Score of 39
answered by Ken Fabian Score of 40
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