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Top new questions this week:

Why does Hurricane Ian show a long tail off to the North-East on doppler radar?

I was looking at the radar on the Weather Channel website and I noticed something that I don't think I've ever seen before. Screen shot from 11:30 AM EST 9/29 Hurricane/Tropical Storm Ian can be seen ...

user avatar asked by DenisS Score of 5

What are (meteorolgical) land depressions?

Reading the Wikipedia page for some North Indian Cyclone Seasons I've come across multiple systems called "land depressions". (written as Land [number]) Example (Land 01 2019): I'm not ...

meteorology tropical-cyclone  
user avatar asked by Foxfires Score of 3

What are these features on Eldon Hill?

Eldon Hill is a limestone hill in Derbyshire, England. It has a large quarry on it's NW side and a natural pothole just to the south of it's peak. It also has the remains of lead mines scattered ...

geomorphology limestone satellite-oddities  
user avatar asked by DrMcCleod Score of 3
user avatar answered by Andy M Score of 7

How does the partial pressure of oxygen relate to its concentration in water?

I've read that the partial pressure of oxygen in water will be the same as the partial pressure of oxygen in the atmosphere, but that the saturation of oxygen in water is dependent on factors like ...

atmosphere oceanography water oxygen gas  
user avatar asked by Elhammo Score of 2

Why are there no tholins in the inner solar system?

There’s plenty of carbon dioxide and radiation throughout the solar system, why is it a phenomena only associated with the outer planets?

user avatar asked by Andykins Score of 2
user avatar answered by Oscar Lanzi Score of 1

(Why) is the thermohaline circulation not affected by the coriolis effect?

Why doesn't (e.g.) the equatorward North Atlantic Deep Water bend more to the west? Is it maybe because the water tends to move relatively slowly and the magnitude of the Coriolis effect depends on ...

oceanography ocean-currents coriolis thermohaline-circulation  
user avatar asked by shamiv Score of 2

Where Do I FInd IPCC RCP Global Mean Temperature Predictions?

We have written a free textbook at ( Its main focus is on the social science side of changing emissions. We are not atmospheric scientists, so all we want to do is to ...

climate-change temperature climate-data  
user avatar asked by ivo Welch Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the difference between a geologist and a geophysicist?

What are the main differences between geologists and geophysicists?

geophysics geology  
user avatar asked by Kenshin Score of 10
user avatar answered by tobias47n9e Score of 12

How plausible is it that "a portion of the ocean's floor" could suddenly be "thrown up to the surface" as described in this Lovecraft story?

This question came to me after reading H.P. Lovecraft's "Dagon"- the protagonist has fallen asleep drifting on the ocean in a small boat. He wakes up one morning to discover he's been ...

geology oceanography volcanology geodynamics islands  
user avatar asked by Mantha Score of 12
user avatar answered by Fred Score of 13

Why was the initial theory of plate tectonics so controversial?

I have been set the task of researching plate tectonics, specifically: "Why was its discovery so important in its time and controversial?" I do not need a long answer, although more detail is always ...

user avatar asked by Bob Eret Score of 26
user avatar answered by Fred Score of 21

How it's possible to measure temperature 2000 years ago with such precision?

I saw this graph about the global temperature, it goes back for 2000 years. How is it possible to measure temperature 2000 years back with such a precision of like ~0.1 C? The image from Reddit post I ...

temperature paleoclimatology  
user avatar asked by Alex Craft Score of 41
user avatar answered by David Hammen Score of 54

Why are many fossils found in deserts?

Why are deserts famous for fossils? Is it a coincidence? Some examples: Giant Catfish Fossil Found in Egyptian Desert Chile's stunning fossil whale graveyard explained Giant Dinosaur Fossil Found ...

paleontology fossils desert  
user avatar asked by Porcupine Score of 12

If the Bennu asteroid were to hit within a 500 mile radius of Yellowstone National Park, will it trigger a super volcano at Yellowstone?

I am curious to know if it would be highly probable that if the Bennu asteroid were to hit the Earth in 2182, and the point of impact is within a 500 mile radius of Yellowstone National Park, will it ...

geology volcanology earthquakes asteroids  
user avatar asked by user57467 Score of 13
user avatar answered by Ash Score of 17

Why are deserts mostly located on the western side of continents?

I read somewhere in a book that mostly desert found in the western part of a continent. So my question is that why is it so? I searched on the internet but I didn't get a reasonable answer for that.

meteorology geomorphology climatology atmospheric-circulation  
user avatar asked by bashir ali Score of 17
user avatar answered by arkaia Score of 16

Can you answer this question?

How do housing developments affect the soil of the surroundings? Are the minerals/molecules in cement available to plants? Or is the soil too basic?

Calcium carbonate in cement can make the soil more alkaline but does that make large housing developments have a significant or negligible affect on availability of nutrients? Does it cause nutrients ...

soil minerals plant  
user avatar asked by Shane Aherne Score of 1
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