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Top new questions this week:

Temperature change in Earth atmosphere models?

NASA's page about Earth atmosphere models gives a weird equation about temperature change in different atmospheric layers. One of the formulas looks like this: Can someone explain to me what this ...

atmosphere atmosphere-modelling barometric-pressure  
asked by mad.redhead 5 votes
answered by Glorfindel 10 votes

Will global warming expand the tropical zone

It is widely known (to the general audience, I'm not a climatologist) that global warming will let the desert climates migrate further away from the equator towards the poles, such that the South of ...

climate-change desertification  
asked by Wouter 3 votes
answered by LazyReader 1 vote

Free forecast vs cycled model runs

What is the difference between a free forecast and a cycled model run? This GFS wiki mentions both, but does not define them.

models atmosphere-modelling  
asked by DavidH 2 votes
answered by BarocliniCplusplus 1 vote

What is the difference between the CF standard_names `platform_id` and `platform_name`

The two CF standard names platform_id and platform_name strike me as being redundantly similar. From their definition in the CF standard name table: platform_id: alias: station_wmo_id A variable with ...

data-formats netcdf cf-metadata  
asked by alex_danielssen 2 votes

Has the research into the apparent "Pause" in GMSTs produced a substantially better explanation?

Zeke Hausfather tweets Just six years ago many in the scientific community were obsessing over the apparent "pause" or "hiatus" in surface temperatures. It famously made it into ...

climate-change climate climate-models  
asked by Dikran Marsupial 2 votes

Lightning activity day curve - why it has high and narrow peak?

Atmospheric potential gradient changes during the day, as different areas of lightning activity come under Sun. This illustration from "The Carnegie Curve" by R. Giles Harrison shows ...

meteorology lightning  
asked by Vashu 2 votes
answered by Wxboyajm 1 vote

regeride netcdf file to template netcdf file resoulution

how can I regrid my NetCDF file into another NetCDF file resolution? change the file number 1 or 2 or 3 (,, ) into resolution template file ( . I have attached ...

wrf wrf-chem  
asked by sara 2 votes
answered by BarocliniCplusplus 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the difference between a geologist and a geophysicist?

What are the main differences between geologists and geophysicists?

geophysics geology  
asked by Kenshin 10 votes
answered by tobias47n9e 12 votes

What does a mm of rain mean?

Lots of people have explained it over many sites but I still can not confidently say that I know what it means when they say Hong Kong experienced 3mm of rainfall last Friday. Does it mean that 3mm ...

measurements rainfall rain  
asked by coder123 35 votes
answered by jeffB 43 votes

Is the color of the sky the same everywhere on earth?

Is the color of the sky at noon (local time) in, say, NY, Buenos Aires, London, Nairobi, Sydney, New Delhi and Tokyo the same? I choose the specific time of noon to exclude the twilight colors of the ...

atmosphere radiative-transfer  
asked by MagTun 23 votes
answered by farrenthorpe 15 votes

Can human activity affect volcanoes?

As part of a course on Natural Disasters, I have a group presentation in which we focus on a specific natural disaster. One of the questions we have to address is how human activity may have affected ...

volcanology human-influence volcanic-hazard  
asked by Reinstate Monica 10 votes
answered by Gordon Stanger 10 votes

Why are oceanic plates denser than continental plates?

In the theory of tectonic plates, at a convergent boundary between a continental plate and an oceanic plate, the denser plate usually subducts underneath the less dense plate. It is well known that ...

geology geophysics plate-tectonics  
asked by Kenshin 20 votes
answered by winwaed 22 votes

Why is the Ocean water on the west Coast so cold comparing to the East coast?

Even at similar latitudes they appear to be quite different from one another.

ocean temperature  
asked by reddit 7 votes
answered by Jareth Holt 15 votes

Are we experiencing lower level of gravity now compared to past?

Whole civilizations have been buried underground and we have built new landscapes over them. The fact that tall buildings and houses are being excavated from under the ground means that we are living ...

sea-level core gravity  
asked by Bej 5 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Question on the derivation of a prognostic equation for the mean concentration (Assume horizontal homogeneity in X)

In deriving the prognostic equation for the mean quantity of pollutant C, as shown in my solution below: Am I right in that I do not need to separate T (temperature) into its mean and turbulent parts ...

meteorology planetary-boundary-layer  
asked by alberto_gar 1 vote
answered by alberto_gar 0 votes

Lamé parameters of granite and similar rocks

I am looking for a book or an article where I can find the Lamé parameters of Granite, any help would be appreciated.

asked by aziiri 1 vote
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