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Why do emperor penguins breed during the antarctic winter

No land animal, and I think no sea animals either, stay in the antarctic during winter - except for one: The emperor penguin, which does not only stay there, but its prolonged stay involves 4 months of harsh winter, averaging -70 degrees celcius, no sunlight whatsoever and no food at all for that period of time. Possibly the harshest conditions on earth. And if that wasn't enough, then it's during that time that the emperor penguin male incubates the egg alone, left by his female mate. The male emperor penguins gather together to endure the antarctic winter.

My question thus becomes very obvious: Why does the emperor penguin stay in Antarctica during winter at all, and moreover, breed there during that time and incubates a precious egg in the harshest conditions on earth, while all other animals flee for their lives?