I found this buried , seemed by the looks of it probably for years. It had been crushed etc. I've managed to remove most what had accumulated on it and straightened it out, but the center stone is remarkably unblemished, not a scratch or haze. Any idea what type of stone would be this hard and won't Scratch , even when pumice is ran over it? enter image description here

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    $\begingroup$ Found where? Size? What's the other side look like? Please also check out this question and answers about asking great identification questions. $\endgroup$ – mkennedy Apr 18 '17 at 23:38
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    $\begingroup$ In addition to the standard identification questions, when dealing with cut stones, it is hard to tell from a picture what colour the stone is, and the size is significant. A fist-size stone probably isn't diamond. In any case, it is probably worth taking this to a gemologist who can either tell by looking at the actual stone or make additional measurements such as the refractive index (basically a measurement of how sparkly it is). $\endgroup$ – haresfur Apr 19 '17 at 22:25

Your stone is most likely glass or quartz based on the scratch test. Coloration is odd which is also why I say glass or quartz.

Your stone could also be glass. Take it to a jeweler who can measure the refractive Index (RI). RI value will tell you conclusively what it is and you won't damage your stone.

Pale colored topaz, beryl and corundum (sapphire) typically are uniform in color so your stone does not match.

I've seen similar color pattern in fluorite but it would have been scratched by the pumice.


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