I found this rock along with a few others like it on a hike wanted to know if anyone can help me identify them.

enter image description here

enter image description here


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  • $\begingroup$ you have to provide a lot more information about it like where you found it and its properties,how would you describe it to a blind person?. $\endgroup$ – trond hansen Jul 4 '17 at 8:00

From just looking at the picture, it appears that what you have is a mineral that filled a vein and was then broken off from the rock that the vein was in. The mineral came in as a hot water-borne solution and deposited in a deep crack underground.

That you found it on the surface shows that a lot of erosion has occurred over millions of years to bring that mineral filled crack, now termed a vein, to the surface.

In some areas of the crack the solution was not as concentrated and the mineral grew slowly, starting to form larger crystals. The two most common minerals that occur like this are quartz and calcite. Quartz is hard and a nail will not scratch it. Calcite is softer. It would be helpful to know approximately where you found it since that would let us know if it came from an area where one mineral or the other is more common. It could also be another mineral. Gypsum would look similar and is quite soft (you can scratch it with your finger nail).

  • $\begingroup$ Yeah hard to tell but the apparent crystal system makes me think Quartz more than the alternatives. $\endgroup$ – Ash May 22 '18 at 15:42

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