I am looking for historical hourly temperature data from many cities in the US what other data sources are there except wunderground?

UPDATE: I will use the data to compare stations from the same city and need data with high temporal & spatial resolution; currently, one year of data is enough. I am not mentioning a specific US city because I need data from as many cities in the US as possible that meet my requirements. I am working on a big project of forecasting and I want to see the spatial deviations with in many large cities in the US.


The authoritative sources for your data are:

  1. ASOS: Automated Surface Observation Systems at airports, and
  2. MADIS: the Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System, from NOAA

Those are collections based on calibrated, maintained equipment, with good geographic coverage.

And Wunderground already archives them, so it's a matter of selecting and using those, rather than the Wunderground data from their own source, the collection of personal weather stations.

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    $\begingroup$ anything like this for europe? $\endgroup$ – Edoardo Aug 4 '17 at 11:59

ACCA Manual J: Residential Load Calculation, look in the back and they have a table of BIN temperatures for most U.S. Cities.


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