What is the mean amount (in grams) of dissolved carbon in a ton of sea water ?

  1. The value I want is the concentration value in say the first two metres of surface water (A distribution of this concentration by depth would also help)
  2. If I take say the 10% surface area where the CO2 concentration is the highest on the globe, what does it change about the result ?

Please feel free to answer even if your answer is not the complete one but just part of it. Thanks


This graph at Wikipedia/Wikimedia is part of the answer :

enter image description here


2.15 mol/m3 at the surface in 1990 seems like a approximative value, which makes approximately 27 g.

Now, the two questions left are:

  • How did this value evolve since 1990?
  • Does this concentration change a lot with depth?

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