I'm trying to find info on the storminess of Lake Baikal. I want to compare wave heights in a storm on this lake to wave heights in a storm on the ocean.

All I could find was very general information that Lake Baikal experiences a stormy season in autumn with approximately 18 stormy days per month. I could not find any hard statistical data on waves or winds.


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An article here says 4 meters. (No statistical data however, just a general information page)

Waves on Lake Baikal may reach a height of 4 meters. Sometimes they evaluated as 5 and even 6 meters, but it is most likely an estimation “by eye”, which has a large error. Height of 4 meters obtained by instrumental measurements on the high seas.

Another source, The Lakes Handbook: Lake Restoration and Rehabilitation edited by Patrick O'Sullivan, C. S. Reynolds, (pg 179) agrees with this figure (emphasis mine):

Baikal exhibits many features of an ocean: abyssal depth, internal waves and seiches, tides, violent storms in which wave-height reaches up to 4m, and deep water luminescence of uncertain nature.


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