Will GW just cause more winter storms in Northeast US or will all of US have colder winters ? This winter in East TX we had three record cold snaps and I lost a lot of Camellia Japonica buds and blooms. Most years I lose a few blooms but usually not the buds also. This is the most I have lost in 20 years. I am hoping we will not get the cold like the northeast.. I have watched the weather channels ; they usually explain how GW causes more storms/ rain, etc, but they have not yet explained the relationship to GW for these storms.

  • $\begingroup$ More winter storms and colder winters don't go hand in hand. It wasn't a cold winter in the Northeast overall, despite a few cold snaps and an unusually high number of March blizzards. February set some heat records in the NE. ncei.noaa.gov/sites/default/files/styles/… I like your question, but you should remove the "colder winters" part of it as that has little to do with winter storms. $\endgroup$ – userLTK Mar 23 '18 at 4:37
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    $\begingroup$ Since the question regarded winter, not February, this would be a better image. From station climate reports (see kamala.cod.edu or NWS) March appears to be 1-3 degrees below average so far for much of the mid-Atlantic up to New York, but 2-4 degrees above average for more northern\eastern parts of New England. And basically all of Texas is 2-3 degrees above normal this month. $\endgroup$ – JeopardyTempest Mar 23 '18 at 9:53

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