I study the fumarolic ice caves of Erebus Volcano, and am looking for published research on similar sorts of caves. My criteria for a "fumarolic ice cave" are that it must be:

  • A gas-filled void space in a snowpack large enough to fit humans
  • Present because of geothermal or volcanic heat
  • Not primarily present because of a flow of water

So far, these are the fumarolic ice caves I know of:

I imagine there are probably hundreds more and these things are common on glaciated volcanoes. I'd be particularly interested in references for Kamchatka and Iceland where I suspect I may not be able to find information because of the language barrier.

Note that I am not asking about rock-hosted caves with a permanent ice mass.


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    $\begingroup$ Literally, the answer to your title question likely no. I think this question is difficult to answer. You already state there may be hundreds. What kind of answer are you looking for? $\endgroup$ – gerrit Apr 16 '14 at 18:21
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