In my problem there is an average net ecosystem production rate of:


Am asked:

a. What percentage of 140,000.000tons/yr would be offset from reforesting 45,000 acres?

b. With that what area of reforestation/afforestation would need to be offset by 10% by the same emissions?

How I solved (not sure if correct):

Since 45,000 is in acres I converted to square meters:

45,000Acres = 182,108,539.008 M^2

Then I could say for every 0.25 there would be one M^2 from the above number. Therefore I multiplied.

0.25*182,108,539.008 = 45527134.752 kgC

So now I need to convert kg to ton:

45527134.752 kg = 50185.08 tons

So now I just need to divide into 140,000.000 to find how much it knocks off of the total carbon emitted:

140,000.000 / 50185.08 = 2.8%

Is this right? I'd imagine for 10% I'd just have to adjust the arcrage to get it just right. With land area being 25,414,258,332.672 m^2

Thank you


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