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I found this in the parking lot during a craft fair. Does anyone know what it is? I’m thinking it’s either pink kyanite or pink tourmaline, but I'm a amateur so I can’t differentiate between the two.

It’s pink with pieces of white inbetween it’s crevices and about two inches long.

  • There is a very distinctive hardness test for kyanite. Its hardness varies strongly with crystallographic direction. A knife will scratch it easily along the length of the crystals but not scratch across the crystals. Please let us know what the test shows. – haresfur Jul 24 at 0:29
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    "the parking lot" does not really tell us (worldwide audience) a lot ;-) Please read this and edit your question. – Jan Doggen Jul 24 at 8:41
  • It was dropped by someone in said parking lot. I wanted to ask the seller what it was but all the vendors packed and left. I’m just the random who found and picked it up so how am I supposed to know where it was mined? – TeachMe Jul 24 at 10:18
  • The fair was on Hawaii btw. So I’m sure the seller imported it. – TeachMe Jul 24 at 10:28
  • so ok you cannot provide location of the mineral. Pink kyanite is rare, but can you make the suggested test with a knife? make a cross and tell us if it scratches more along the length of the crystals – Universal_learner Jul 24 at 10:29
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Your rock is most likely Rubellite, lithium rich member of the tourmaline mineral group.

Similar piece from my personal collection. enter image description here

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    Not sure. I’m missing the striations, so hard for me to say it’s a tourmaline. – Gimelist Aug 12 at 1:49

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