I'm trying to extract the APCP variable from a GFS file, with this code:

wgrib2 gfst.grb2 -match ":(APCP):"  - grib gfst.grb2.small

I get a

FATAL ERROR: too many grib files .. 1st=gfst.grb2 2nd=-

What am I doing wrong?


Just to expand upon my comments:

This page from CPC suggests that the error message is likely due to wgrib2 thinking subsequent arguments are actually additional grib files because they aren't properly given the - prefix. That lead me to realize that you have a space between your last dash and grib which appears to cause the error:

wgrib2 gfst.grb2 -match ":(APCP):" - grib gfst.grb2.small

should be

wgrib2 gfst.grb2 -match ":(APCP):" -grib gfst.grb2.small

Hopefully that helps if anyone else comes across the issue at a later date! You might also have forgotten a dash somewhere... or tried using too many arguments in an option?

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