This red/orange/brown stone has a hardness of 8 and a bright streak.

The closest thing I've ever seen was amber, but amber is way softer than this

What kind of stone is it?

enter image description hereenter image description here


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Your rock looks to me like an agate (chalcedony). The hardness is perhaps a bit too hard, should be near 7 for agate, but the values are within experimental error. The main reason I believe the rock to be an agate is the hardness and the conchoidal fractures I see in the image, also I have collected a large number of similar looking rocks from Tonopah Nevada, which I have positively identified as agate. The ones from Tonopah also have the white inclusions similar to your sample.

If you search for "Carnelian Yellow Rough" in google images you will find some images of rocks with similar color and luster. Wikipedia has a brief article on Carnelian but it isn't too descriptive of the raw material.

Agate, jasper, chert, chalcedony, and carnelian are all really similar in that the main constituent of the rock is Cryptocrystalline Quartz. The colors are primarily various impurities in the quartz. I have looked online for a really good image but haven't found any. I will try and go through my personal collection and see if I can get a similar looking sample.


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