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I found this while digging through piles of river runoff dirt/rocks that were removed after flooding from farm land. It was originally located in Central Iowa, Story County, USA.

I am new to this but believe it might be petrified wood. I'm skeptical of this though due to the Orange/Amber developing (show brightly in first picture). Please educate!

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It looks is normal flint, no petrified wood. Petrified wood would show remains of tree rings and internal wood structures.

Flint often also shows those brownish bark-like structures and color zoning. Further information can be found here

  • JuPal - Thank you for the information and link. I've found myself loving this hobby and trying to learn as much as I dig/find. There is not much for resources around where I live, so thank you again for taking time and sharing your knowledge! – Shalene Dec 7 at 14:16
  • You're welcome :-) – JulPal Dec 7 at 16:40

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