I am very new in this area and wondering if anyone can answer my following questions:

I am running WRF (4.0.3, ideal) to study rounding and truncation. I use the NCL (6.5.0) print command to access variable values in the WRF output file.

  1. I have noticed that some variables have greater precision than others. Is there a way to change the level of precision for individual variables?

  2. I have been using em_b_wave and ideal.exe to initialize the WRF model. The values and variables in the output file are the same no matter how many MPI tasks I use. Why?

  3. Is WRF output exactly the same when using a single MPI task vs. using more than one MPI task? I assume there might be slight differences in rounding and truncation when using different number of processors.

  4. And at the end, I am not sure if the way that I am reading the values and variables from the output files which are binary are correct or not. I am using some NCL scripts now, but have no idea if that is the right way to read the binary output files ...

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you, Sara

  • $\begingroup$ These are four questions in one post. $\endgroup$ Feb 14 '19 at 23:52

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