I have got confused

I took 100g soil in a funnel with filter paper. poured 100 ml water and collected the drained water in a calibrated cylinder.

Water added in funnel = 100 ml Water collected in cylinder = 39 ml. Water retained by soil = 61ml. Thus soil WHC = 61ml/100g soil

Is this same as Soil Pore volume? If not how should I calculate soil pore volume by water volume method?

  • $\begingroup$ I am not a soil scientist, but the test procedure above would adversely affect the porosity of the soil being tested. If you could have a constrained soil sample, such as a core sample that fits the container exactly, you could gradually add a measured amount a water till the soil was saturated. Alternatively, take a know volume of saturated soil, weigh it, then bake it at a low enough temperature to ensure you don't lose any organic material. Finally weight it again, the weight difference would give the amount of water in the soil of a known volume. $\endgroup$ – Friddy May 1 at 18:39

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