I am working on UHI related studies. I am wondering is it possible to estimate how diurnal temperature cycle would change for a typical day of given season.

Edit: Based on comment I am trying to add some details.

I (we) are modelling flow of heat in a urban area. To determine base / background / default / boundary temperature we use hourly temperature from rural site. So for a given season, we have mean temperature of each hour for past 10 years.

The current site in portland, OR, but I am only using urban form and material in model, i.e. the model is agnostic to natural feature.

So my question is: when IPCC says earth will get warmer by X by year Y, I don't think they mean that just add X to any given days temperature. I think that it would be possible, say that, 1 to 2 PM average temperature increased by 4 but 4 to 5 PM average would increase by 1 (for a given region).

Again I am not expecting someone to tell me how it would change for portland, I would appreciate direction on how I can investigate myself.

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