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Hong Kong was perfect for the British as a staging point from which to trade with China. This was because Hong Kong has one of the best natural harbours in the world which was capable of protecting ships from the typhoon winds. Also due to the British superiority in naval warfare Hong Kong could be easily defended from attacks. The taking of Hong Kong was primarily to establish a base from which Western (not just British) traders were able to sell opium to the Chinese without the Chinese being in a position to stop them. As far as I am aware there was never a desire to invade China, just trade for its silk, teas and manufactured goods.

I've riffled through some satellite views of HK, but I can't espy

  1. which harbour is the one? Victoria Harbour?

  2. what makes HK so "capable of protecting ships from the typhoon winds"?

The picture beneath "was compiled from data acquired by Landsat 8 satellite in 2015."

enter image description here


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