Based on this map,

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Below are images showing more specific detail.

enter image description here

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I assume the field strength is between 0.6 gauss and 0.65 gauss, but I cannot tell between which ios-flux lines (if that is a legitimate term) McMurdo Station is located. Are there precise measurements of the magnetic field strength at that location, within 0.01 gauss?

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    $\begingroup$ At co-ord 77 deg 51' S, 166 deg 40' E, Mc Murdo Station is just off the map. From my interpolation of where it lies, the magnetic field strength is close to 64 000 nT. $\endgroup$
    – Fred
    Commented Nov 24, 2019 at 17:28

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According to the current World Magnetic Model 2015 v2 (new one to be released on 10 December 2019!),

Longitude: 166.6863° E
Latitude: 77.8419° S
Elevation: 10 m

Date: 2019-11-25
Declination (+E | -W):   141.5232°    (-0.1829°/yr)
Inclination (+D | -U):   -80.3929°    (0.0399°/yr)
Horizontal Intensity:     10,396.8 nT (34.7 nT/yr)
North Comp (+N | -S):     -8,139.2 nT (-6.5 nT/yr)
East Comp (+E | -W):       6,468.8 nT (47.6 nT/yr)
Vertical Comp (+D | -U): -61,423.3 nT (54.8 nT/yr)
Total Field:              62,297.0 nT (-48.3 nT/yr)

Uncertainties:  0.57°   0.22°   133 nT  138 nT  89 nT   165 nT  152 nT

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