One thing that still blows my mind about dinosaurs is the massive timeline. Relevant to this question are the time periods:

  • Triassic Period (252.17 to 201.3 million years ago)
  • Cretaceous Period (145 – 66 million years ago)

Triassic-period dinosaur fossils are 50+ million years older than Cretaceous-period dinosaur fossils. I would thus predict a massive difference in fossil quality. However, I'm unsure because perhaps any fossil that's able to last say 1 million years can just as easily last say 100 million years.

Question: Is there a massive drop in quality of Cretaceous vs. Triassic dinosaur fossils?


No, there is no massive difference in fossil quality due to the extra 200 million years or so that the oldest dinosaur fossils have spent in the ground compared to the most recent ones at the end of the Cretaceous. Once fossils are properly fossilised, they remain unchanged unless something happens to the rocks. This could be weathering, which damages or destroys many valuable fossils, including recent ones like hominids, or it could be metamorphism, which damages or destroys them with heat.

I have seen a photo of a one-billion-year-old fossil from the late Precambrian of a marine algae reliably dated by the new Rhenium 187 - Osmium 187 method, and it was in an excellent state of preservation. Likewise with fossils preserved in amber, some of which are tens of millions of years old but look as fresh as if they had only died yesterday.

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