PPSD (seismic background noise)

I list all of my files, basically as components (H1, H2, and V), as streas as follows:

import os from obspy import read from obspy.signal import PPSD import matplotlib.pyplot as plt from matplotlib.pyplot import psd import numpy as np

st = read(".H1") st =+ read(".H2") st += read(".V")*

then I try this:

tr = st.select(channel="H1")[0] tr = st.select(channel="H2")[1] tr = st.select(channel="V")[2]

But get this error: Trace ID differs: .AoA50..H1 vs .AoA51..H2 (N.B.: file names are like this: AoA50.H1, AoA50.H2, AoA50.V, AoA51.H1, AoA51.H2, AoA51.V, ..... ... ... AoA56...)

However, the fact is that I don't know actually how to handle this issue. I need they would be later run all with a single command for PPSD calculation.

  • $\begingroup$ Please elaborate on your question and also try to format your post better for readability. Is this an error from "obspy.read"? $\endgroup$ – Whir Apr 24 at 6:07

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