Wherever I look, I find "Temperature Anamolies" which I assume is an annual temperature change relative to the previous year.

If I wanted to find the exact temperatures (based on NASA's accurate forecasts and estimates), can I get them somewhere?


The above link shows the temperature change but if I add them up, the current global temperature comes out somewhere near 21 degrees as opposed to 14 degrees figure I often see everywhere..

  • $\begingroup$ You need first to find the temperature of the reference period, in this case, it is 1951-1980 (as mentioned on their website) then add it to the anomalies, e.g., 1920's anomaly is -0.6 and 1951-1980 mean value is 14 then 1920's temp is 13.4°C. I have checked their website only anomalies are provided. I will give it a look again. $\endgroup$
    – ahmathelte
    Feb 27 at 16:04
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    $\begingroup$ @Abhay Re I want to show that there is a rise in 3 or 4 degrees in merely 140 years, which was unheard of pre-industrialization era -- You will not be able to show that. The temperature change over the last 140 years is "only" 1.2 degrees Celsius or so. That alone remains unheard of. Even more unprecedented is that almost all of that change (about 1 degree Celsius) occurred over the last 45 years. One degree doesn't seem like much, and it's not. The issue is what things going will look like in 2100. (continued) $\endgroup$ Feb 28 at 10:53

I assume is an annual temperature change relative to the previous year.

No, that would be called the rate of change. "Anomaly" means the difference from some reference temperature.

  • $\begingroup$ But if take the numbers (anomalies) as differences to the temperature of 1880 (say, this is the reference), adding them to 1880 temperature should give me the exact temperature of each year? $\endgroup$
    – Abhay
    Feb 28 at 6:53
  • $\begingroup$ Yes. It is explained in their FAQ. $\endgroup$ Feb 28 at 17:49

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