I'm trying to find to original source (especially high quality version) of this conservation seismic map. I know that it probably came from USGS (or not) but looks like it out of print? I tried to search for the map on USGS.gov but no result so far. IS there anything else I'm missing?

enter image description here


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This map appears to have been produced by the California Geological Survey (a state agency) as a GIS cover incorporating two specific coverage layers, namely, 1) Seismic Hazards Program - Landslide Zones, and 2) Seismic Hazards Program - Liquefaction Zones. The map viewer for selecting GIS layers and observing available mapped information is can be accessed here. An extract is shown below. Simply go to site and select the coverages you wish to see...

La Habra extract CGS data viewer


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