I am planning to publish a paper related in Geoscience/Geophysics/Seismology within scope of Machine Learning/AI in particular. Is there any Journal that provide free article publishing for postgraduate students? Low publishing fees should be fine as well.


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There has been a surge of diamond open access (the best practice IMHO) geoscience journals recently, beginning with the pioneer Volcanica in my field (volcanology), and then followed by Tektonika (tectonics/structural geology), Geomorphica (geomorphology), Sedimentologika (sedimentology), among others. In your field, there is... Seismica! Their Scope page includes:

Theoretical and computational seismology: advances in seismology driven by numerical modeling including high-performance computing, by forward and inverse theories, uncertainty analysis and machine learning.

If cost (and open access!) are more important than impact factor to you, I'd encourage you to publish there.


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