I live in Brazil, around 200 km from the nearest coast.

I'm looking to move to Rio de Janeiro (a coastal city) to study at the Federal University of Rio, which is basically on an island (Ilha do Fundão). It's not an elevated place, just a common coastal site. It is an area of almost no seismic activity, and not a spot with a hurricane history.

I'd be there for at least 5 years to complete my degree. But I've never lived in a coastal city and have heard there's concern of changes that could be dangerous.

Among the things I'm worried about: is the sea level rising... and is it going to happen rapidly? Is it so much that I could drown while I'm at a class or something?
Even if it doesn't happen quickly, could the University be destroyed and make me unable to finish my courses?

What are the predictions for the next 5 years? Are the expected changes ones that should make me reconsider my plans to move there there for that time period?

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    $\begingroup$ this is one of the best sources for understanding sea level rise oceanservice.noaa.gov/hazards/sealevelrise/… i think most people in the world are asking this question in some shape or form.it can be answered and there is a lot of good peer rewiewed sources about this. $\endgroup$ Commented Apr 7, 2023 at 5:47

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Sea Level Rise owing to climate change is happening. But relative to human life spans, and the length of a study course, it is very slow.

Waves from storms could be a problem, but the school is reasonably well protected within Guanabara Bay.

Storm surge could be a problem, if wind directions, and tides align. But you could reduce this risk my signing up for weather warnings.

During heavy rain, you may find that surface water can flow down streets etc. which can be dangerous is short term. This could happen anywhere though.

In most coastal cities it would be very rare to have flooding over 5 meters in depth. If you are worried perhaps pick accomodation on 2nd floor, or above. But really this is just for peace of mind.

Go study & have fun.


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