Papua New Guinea has many species of snakes, some of which are dangerous:


Are any of these species invasive, or are they all indigenous?

Or, since that may be a blurry line, let me phrase it more precisely: did any of the snake species of the island, arrive since 1800?


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No. None of the species we currently consider invasive on Papua New Guinea are reptiles.

A web site here has a dataset which lists 51 invasive species for that location. Of the 3 species in the phylum chordata, 2 are mammals and 1 is a bird. (This is the taxonomic breakdown)

  • Plantae 22
  • Animalia 19
  • Arthropoda 14
  • Chordata 3
  •  Mammalia 2 
  •  Aves 1
  • Nematoda 1
  • Unknown phylum 1
  • Bacteria 4
  • incertae sedis 3
  • Fungi 2
  • Chromista 1

No reptiles, so no snakes are considered invasive species.


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