While looking for atmospheric data in CMIP6, I came across two Table entries: Amon and Emon, both seem to contain monthly-mean atmospheric data. For Example, the following two datasets are the same except for the Table ID:

  1. CMIP6.HighResMIP.EC-Earth-Consortium.EC-Earth3P-HR.hist-1950.r1i1p2f1.Amon.ta.gr
  2. CMIP6.HighResMIP.EC-Earth-Consortium.EC-Earth3P-HR.hist-1950.r1i1p2f1.Emon.ta.gr

The documentation doesn't mention much about the differences between those two Table IDs except that Amon is Monthly atmospheric data and that Emon is Monthly (time mean, extension). After some searching, it seems that Emon has more vertical levels (27 as opposed to 19 in Amon). I would like to if there are any other differences between these to Table IDs other than the difference the number of vertical levels?


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The miptable Emon is the extended variable list, which is basically there to stop the large number of more niche, rarely-used variables from cluttering the core monthly tables like Amon, Omon, Lmon, etc. See the comment in the Data Request Record:

Data in the 'E...' tables is requested by specific endorsed MIPs, and is generally more specialised than other tables.

The variables in Emon tend to have priorities 2 and 3, whereas those in the core monthly lists tend to have priority 1.

I can't see any difference in the definitions of Amon.ta and Emon.ta other than the pressure levels, e.g., they are both monthly time means. As always, check the metadata for the files you're using in case a modelling center has done something different from the Data Request.


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