As per the title, I am interested in computing the potential intensity (PI) and wondering what the difference between surface temperature (ts) over the ocean and sea surface temperature (tos) in CMIP6 is. I ask this because I want to compute PI over the whole global grid, and the tos data have, for many models, a different grid, and for some, I suspect that regridding would introduce a considerable amount of bias. I want to know if I am introducing a considerable amount of bias by proxying tos by ts.

To be more precise, I am using monthly data.

I searched online for the relationship between the two but to no avail.

Thank you very much

  • $\begingroup$ Maybe you will find the definition of the variables here. It seems ts is different from tos in regions of sea ice. I assume tropical cyclones do not occur there ;-) $\endgroup$
    – ahmathelte
    Apr 14 at 15:01


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