I would like to know if anybody knows the name of this cloud formation.

The picture was taken in Bern Switzerland, just before a cold front moved in. I am thinking about roll clouds or Asperatus undulatus... It was wavy but the clouds formed rolls.

cloud rolling over Bern


I think it is stratocumulus. Sometimes it rolls like that. Nice picture

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    $\begingroup$ would you please clarify how you ID'd this? I looked at clouds-online.com/cloud_atlas/stratocumulus/stratocumulus.htm and see Stratocumulus undulatus looks like these clouds, but I wonder how you tell it would help clarify the answer if you shared how you tell these apart from the OP's idea Asperatus undulatus. $\endgroup$ – cr0 Jan 11 '16 at 3:18

I agree with Agata that it is stratocumulus.

This link talks about cloud types

NWS JetStream


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