I would like to begin studying the geology of the Andes, with particular respect to the tectonics and paleogeography of the region.

I have been searching on-line resources for some time and I would like to start reading a book on the topic, but I am not finding any titles focussing on the geology, tectonics and paleogeography of the area. Would anybody have any suggestion, if possible in Spanish?

Since I have found the reference-request tag, I hope this question is not off topic here and, if it is, I will delete it. I thank you for any answer!

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Some books are about specific parts of the Andes, for example - The Geology of Chile (Mareno and Gibbons - editors). This book represents a culmination of research in tectonics, geology and such from researchers across Chile. Given the location of Chile, this is definitely an apt reference.

A comprehensive resource is the book Tectonic Evolution of South America (edited by Cordani et al. 2000), this brings together data, information and observations from dozens of scientists across South America.

A paper that is involves a study related to your query is Andean tectonics as a cause for changing drainage patterns in Miocene northern South America (Hoorn et al. 1995) - this looks at the palaeodrainage of the northern portion of South America in the relation to the mountain building and tectonics of the region at that time.

Another paper, is The proto-Andean margin of Gondwana: an introduction, this introductory paper reviews the evidence for Andean tectonics and palaeotectonic regimes, stretching back to the Neoproterozoc.

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