On my project, Stability classes is an useful tool to analysis the weather condition for one place.

Using R Package Worldmet, I can get the hourly weather data for specific weather station based on its code at NOAA-NCDC in the world.

It contain variable like this:

  • "ws", "wd": wind direction and speed
  • "air_temp", "atmos_pres", "visibility", "dew_point", "RH": these variables' meaning is obvious.
  • "ceil_hgt": ceiling height
  • "cl_1", "cl_2", "cl_3", "cl": Cloud cover for different layers in Oktas (1-8)
  • "cl_1_height", "cl_2_height", "cl_3_height": Height of the cloud base for each later in metres.
  • "pwc": The description of the present weather description (if available)

I want to classify the stability classes hourly based on those variables.

Referencing to the chart follows which I clipped from NOAA

I found out my variables may not support the classify job.

Is there some better computation way or data access to get the stability classes for one site?


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