What are all these gaps / circular structures found on a photo taken by Mars rover Curiosity at Dingo Gap? Have a look at the image I made to see what gaps I mean.

dingo gap with explanation (I know the quick paint job looks terrible)

As you can see on the image I marked the area green where I found all these strange gaps. On the left I placed a zoomed view of the gaps, where I highlighted one.

You can find the original picture on nasa.gov. Here is the accompanying article


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There are no circles, it is an image artifact. Here is another picture from Dingo Gap that shows nothing at the exact same position.

Your mind is a well-trained pattern-matching machine that makes up patterns even when they are not actually there.
In other words don't jump to conclusions. You are claiming that there are actual structures, which is one step too 'far'.

(Credit: Emily Lakdawallah blog post)


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