I use Carl Schreck's site Equatorial Wave Zoo for monitoring atmospheric waves such as Kelvin wave, Equatorial Rossby wave, filtered MJO OLR, Mixed Rossby Wave(MRG),etc. Here is an example - Kelvin Wave OLR

In addition I use Matt Wheeler's BOM site(unavailable at the moment) for the same information.

Now I am getting interested in the ocean and it's characteristics as part of my effort in learning coupled models i.e. air - sea models.

Is there a site for monitoring equatorial oceanic waves(in real time with lag) such as oceanic Kelvin wave, Rossby wave etc ? That should help me in identifying along the equator at least where upwelling or downwelling is likely to occur.

I would prefer a site for my basin i.e. Indian Ocean.


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There are a few sea surface height datasets available on PO.DAAC (the Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center), but this one seems to be (near-)real-time and global: the SARAL Near-Real-Time Value-added Operational Geophysical Data Record Sea Surface Height Anomaly.
It was launched in 2013 so there is just 3 years of data so far but it should help I think.

Similarly you have a few current datasets such as the OSCAR 1 degree ocean surface currents dataset which was launched in 1992.

These are all raw datasets though, so you'll have to do the data processing and the plotting yourself.

The altimetry data provides a good way of looking at waves. Apart from SARAL, AVISO provides high quality, remotely sensed, gridded and raw altimetry data.

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