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Why does the Earth have six atmospheric bands? [duplicate]

I know that the earth has atmospheric banding like the gas giants. What I want to know is why six in specific? What physical processes or equations determine the number of atmospheric bands on a ...
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why does Earth have three wind cells instead of just one? [duplicate]

I wondered what causes three wind cells on earth -Hadley Cells, Ferrel Cells, and Polar Cells, instead of just a one big cell from equator to the pole? I'd like a straightforward, intuitive ...
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What determines the number of Hadley cells on a planet? [duplicate]

I know it has something to do with the rotation speed, but what exactly? And why?
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Why does the Hadley cell descend at 30 degrees latitude?

George Hadley's initial model of the Hadley cell described air as being heated at the equator, ascending, and then moving aloft pole-wards where it would cool and descend. Meanwhile surface air would ...
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Prevailing winds between 30 to 60 degrees latitude [duplicate]

Prevailing winds are generated by Coriolis effects. I think I understand why NE winds are the prevailing winds in 0 to 30 degrees and 60 to 90 degrees latitude in the northern hemisphere (e.g., ...
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How are climate regions caused by both axial tilt and also by climate circulation cells?

So Earth has an axial tilt and that creates weather regions. For example, approximately 23 degrees north and south, approximately the same as the planet's axial tilt, will give you the tropics. This ...
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Can we see the circulation cells in wind maps?

Earth famously possesses three distinct circulation cells per hemisphere. Now out of curiosity one could use a weather app, like windy, to display the wind structures at ground level globally, and ...
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What would happen to the Subtropical Ridge/Horse latitudes and Polar front if the Earth was rotating 5% faster?

Would they move towards the Equator/Poles? Stay in the same place? What about if the Earth was rotating 10% slower? Is there a rotation speed for Earth which will lead to 4 wind belts instead of 3 ?
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How do higher-latitude convection cell currents (Ferrel, Polar) work?

I'm a forest ecologist and college professor who has been teaching about the Earth's convection cell circulation for many years. Explaining Hadley cells is very straightforward with differences in ...
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Why does cloud cover seem to "ride" a wave that propagates westward near the equator in this video? Notice that the cloud cover over Africa and South America is correlated in a way that seems to be highlighting some kind of large-scale easterly wave ...
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