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Are clouds aerosol?

I recently came across a science writer's page according to which clouds are liquid water. I pointed out to this author that in reality clouds are made up of a dispersion of water micro-droplets in a ...
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Visualization of formation of cirrus vertebratus?

I am trying to understand how Cirrus Vertebratus are formed. My book and many web pages simply say "waves orthogonally to the initial cloud formation direction, in fitting conditions, forming ...
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Query on the 'namelist.input' file for running WRF-Chem to study aerosol-cloud-climate interaction

I have a small inquiry about the setup of some variables in 'namelist.input' file for running WRF-Chem to study aerosol-cloud-climate interaction. After going through various research papers on ...
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How does a volcanic eruption cool the planet's surface?

For example, after the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991 according to this paper, The introduction of large amounts of sulphuric acid aerosol into the stratosphere increases the planetary albedo (...
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Aerosol injections to manage European heatwaves?

The heatwave that hit Europe in July was not only highly unpleasant (40°C), but has been predicted to be an exceptionally onerous medical, agricultural and economic burden. As someone outside of the ...
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What is the effect of increasing the size interval in the generalized dynamic equation (GDE) to simulate an evolving aerosol?

The following differential equation allows me to calculate the the number concentration of aerosol particles from 2 nm to 3 nm. $$\frac{dN_2{_-{_3}}}{dt}=J_2-J_3-N_2{_-{_3}}.CoagS_2{_-{_3}}$$ In the ...
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Do "aerosol shields" protect big emitters from the impact of their own GHGs?

Green house gases typically have higher lifetimes than aerosols and their precursors (e.g. SO2) so, as I understand it, GHGs usually spread more or less evenly across continents, no matter where they ...
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What exactly causes this moving orange glow before sunrise?

I've been watching twilights for some time, and noticed that each time there's a very clear sky, an orange-pinkish glow is visible at the solar azimuth when Sun is somewhere between 1° and 5.5° below ...
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How can I relate aerosol particle size (2, 5 and 10 microns) with the aerosol index measurement of the Sentinel-5P (TROPOMI) data sets?

I would like to know the relation of aerosol particle size (2,5 and 10 microns) with the measurements from the Sentinel-5P TROPOMI data, in the wavelengths 340-380 and 358-388 nm bands.
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How to estimate the settling time of atmospheric particulates as a function of aerodynamic size?

Understanding the behavior of particulates in the atmosphere is important for modeling climate, weather and public health. They can be nucleation sites for rain, fog and smog, they can have thermal ...
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How far downwind of a covid-19 emitter has a 1000-fold reduction in PPM?

How far downwind of a covid-19 emitter has a 1000-fold reduction in PPM? Assuming that covid-19 (0.12μm diameter) particles have the aerodynamic properties of a gas: Particles < 20 μm behave same ...
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Is the lack of aerosols increasing temperatures in 2020?

2020 is predicted to be an unusually warm year and we are already seeing a lot of unusual temperatures. I was wondering, how much of an impact the reduction of aerosol emission from the global ...
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Correlation of Global Stratospheric AOD with Global Mean Temperature Anomaly

I'm trying to understand at a high level the relationship of aerosols to the global temperature and I'm new to these concepts. I have Stratoshperic mean global AOD data from: https://data.giss.nasa....
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What is the radiative forcing change associated with the Chinese 2020 COVID lockdown, and how does this affect the circulation?

The lockdown imposed in China and other countries in response to the COVID 19 pandemic has resulted in a dramatic change in air quality. Factories and transport systems have shut or continue at ...
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