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How do you estimate the depth of a lake?

Say you are on the shore of an arbitrary lake in the world, and you want to predict its likely depth. What do you consider? the height of the nearby mountains the size of the lake the average ...
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Obtaining ELA from AAR method

I am trying to understand how to obtain ELA using Accumulation area ratio method. My understanding is: Accumulation area/ ablation area is assumed to be constant. Empirical data of long term annual ...
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If the Sea level rises, will the mountains lose their height?

I read that the altitude of mountains is measured from the sea level. So, if the sea level rises significantly due to global warming, will the mountains and hills lose some of their altitudes and ...
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How or where to find out how many percent of the Earth's surface is above/below a certain altitude?

I wonder whether there's a way of learning how much of the Earth's surface is above or below a certain altitude (land on air only, i.e. excluding seas and oceans and land underwater). E.g. the lowest/...
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Does the 0m elevation height of a Digital Elevation Model (Copernicus DEM) correspond to mean sea level?

I want to model future coastal flooding caused by sea-level rise under the latest IPCC scenarios at global scale. To this end, I use the Copernicus Digital Elevation Model (Copernicus DEM: https://...
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Mean free path and Scale height

Banks and Kockarts, in Aeronomy (Part B), has provided an illustration of the vertical distribution of the mean free path of atomic hydrogen for several thermopause temperatures (Fig. 16.3, p.84/362). ...
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How to find the altitude above mean sea level of the wind in forecast data such as GFS

I'm looking to retrieve from weather forecasts (such as GFS or HRRR) the U and V component of the wind with respect to some altitude (meters) above mean sea level. To do so, I've implement a ...
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What is the reason behind some of the biome anomalies in Africa?

For example : The center of Africa lies in the Equatorial region and yet, does not have tropical rainforests all the way across. The island of Madagascar has two different biomes Since altitude and ...
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Why is the air above the Himalayas warmer than surrounding areas?

Looking at on 13.09.2021 you can see that the temperature above the Himalayas appear warmer than the surroundings (at 700 hPa): At the surface ...
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