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If the Bennu asteroid were to hit within a 500 mile radius of Yellowstone National Park, will it trigger a super volcano at Yellowstone?

I am curious to know if it would be highly probable that if the Bennu asteroid were to hit the Earth in 2182, and the point of impact is within a 500 mile radius of Yellowstone National Park, will it ...
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Could an icy/extremely-cold asteroid/comet ever strike and cool the Earth?

This is obviously an imaginary question, but it seems like something computable (which I don't have the mathematical ability to do so unfortunately). P.S. I do not have in-depth knowledge about comet/...
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Would a gold-containing meteor cause it to "rain" gold?

Not sure if here or physics is the best place for this question, but if there was a meteor that had gold in it, what happens to that metal during entry of the Earth's atmosphere? Since gold melts at ...
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Luis Alvarez's K-T Impactor Calculation

I am trying to perform the calculation that Luis Alvarez used to establish the size of the K-T impactor. I used the following information: Assume that the clay layer with iridium was uniformly ...
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Is there any research on the relation of asteroid impacts and hot-spots?

In a new video by Atlas Pro on Hawaii linked below, he indicates a curious observation: Most hotspots antipode’s have sign’s of heavy impacts from asteroids. He postulated that the force of these ...
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How deep could the Vredefort asteroid have penetrated? [duplicate]

The asteroid which created the Vredefort impact crater in South Africa is estimated to have been between 10 and 16 km in diameter (the uncertainty is due to the age of the crater, which is more than 2 ...
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Original Diameter of Ancient Impact Craters [closed]

The 2.25 billion-year-old Yarrabubba crater in Western Australia has recently been identified as the world's oldest impact crater. It is said to be 43 miles (69 km) in diameter, yet the photo which ...