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Is the Indian subcontinent naturally hazier and dustier than England

In the book The Great Arc, John Keay writes this about the Trigonometrical Survey of India that started in the earlier part of the 19th century: Survey work was conducted during and immediately after ...
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How should one even try to start thinking about quantifying the total emissions footprint for the planet?

I was recently reading a paper in which nine planetary boundaries have been proposed. The paper uses modeling and literature assessment to quantify safe and just Earth system boundaries (ESBs) for ...
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Estimating meteorological visibility from air chemical and particulate composition

I have found here an answer that provides formula that only takes into account vapors, pressure and temperature - What is the formula used for atmospheric visibility? Is there an approach that also ...
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Is it unusual to see haboobs travel over the Indian Ocean with shelf clouds on top? What conditions can bring all of this about?

By accident1 I ended up on the Bytes Daily page Photographs 2013, part 1. I saw an interesting image who's caption reads: A white shelf cloud caps brownish dirt from a dust storm, or haboob, as it ...
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The influence of special emissions (possibly coal mining activity) on particulate matters

Based on multiple site sampling of airborne $PM_{2.5}$ and $PM_{10}$ , the elemental concentrations of the trace elements were analyzed. I have found out in the site near surface coal mining zone ...
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How important is Sahara dust for the Amazon?

A recent article by Yu et al. estimated that 28 million tons of dust from the Sahara fall to the surface over the Amazon basin per year out of the 132 million tons that remain in the air when the dust ...
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Will dust storms be more frequent in the future?

I noticed that in some science fiction movies set in the future on Earth, like Wall-E and Interstellar, dust storms are very prominent. Are there any scientific hypotheses suggesting that dust storms ...
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Fine particulate matter - Why the lack of attention? What can be done to tackle it?

If fine particulate matter as a pollutant from industrial or natural sources (e.g. a desert) can be such a cause for concern in terms of (further) desertification as well as health impacts, is there a ...
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Why does volcanic dust pose such a hazard to air travel?

What properties does volcanic ash have that make it a hazard to aircraft jet engines which are not posed by other sources of atmospheric dust, such as Saharan dust? Is it merely a question of ...
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