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Do the large forests remove CO2 from the atmosphere?

Thomas L. Friedman, the New York Times columnist, wrote yesterday: These intact forests — from those in the Amazon and Congo River basins to ones in Canada, Russia and Ecuador — are the world’s life-...
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Forest canopy structure

Optical remote sensing technology is commonly used for forest biomass estimation. The NDVI is used to define greenness. But how can we tell about biomass after capture only canopy area from above? Is ...
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What is the size of Earth's biomass over time? How has it changed? [duplicate]

I've seen this question asked before and the answer was we don't know because of the poor fossil record. I'm unsatisfied with that as it seems that other means like sedimentation might be a starting ...
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Atmospheric $\ce{CO2}$ fell at a Pleistocene interglacial-glacial transition. Ocean absorption vs biosphere absorption

CO2 levels fell during the last interglacial-glacial transition until the Last Glacial Maximum in the Pleistocene. I can think of two causes for the reduction of CO2: Ocean absorption. The ...
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What part does methane play in the process of producing biogas?

I should point out first that I don't know the first thing about environmental science, I study mathematics, and the reason I am asking this question is because I want to understand the processes ...
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Do trees capture more CO2 during a fast growth stage?

I understand that trees capture CO2 from the air and use that carbon to grow. As trees reach mature height, do they begin to capture less CO2 as they would only need carbon for "maintenance" as ...
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Result of floating-iron-balls in the mid-pacific?

I had an idea to make green islands from mid-pacific plastic: Release a million tons of floating iron balls there, which will stay in the same regions as the plastic and hopefully cause a veritable ...
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Net fluxes of carbon caused by humans

The current and future amount of carbon (in the form of carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere and the hydrosphere is what currently concerns and occupies many people. I am looking for a big picture of ...
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Permian-Triassic mass extinction. Consequences on Earth's system

Coming from this post: Causes of fluctuations in atmospheric oxygen in past 300 Mya I believe there are a lot of questions still unanswered about Permian-Triassic mass extinction, but I ask only ...
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Is it true that "All life on earth gets its energy from the sun"? How much biomass is not derived from photosynthesis?

In helping my son with his college biology I ran across some statements that I think are wrong according to updated data. The copyright is 2017 so it is supposed to reflect the most current knowledge....
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Percentage of Oxgen left after burning all the available biomass

A documentry stated that during the Permian asteroid strike the atmosphere heated up to above 400C, potentially to 600C. As this would ignite most of the biomass, including us, I wondered if this fire ...
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How do I estimate the mass of a deciduous tree's leaves?

Regarding the amount of biomass in a tree, what would be the approximate total mass of leaves on a large deciduous tree (e.g. maple, oak) while green in spring? Or, how many leaves could be on such a ...
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How much of earth's molecular oxygen in the atmosphere is due to plants?

I know plants form a critical part of the earth's biosphere, including molecular oxygen production. Molecular oxygen makes up ~20% of our atmosphere. How much of the earth's molecular oxygen in the ...
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How is carbon distributed among the atmosphere, the oceans, the biomass and the unburnt fossil fuels?

In relation to my other question about carbon cycle and climate change, i would like to know some estimates of the carbon distribution among the atmosphere, the oceans, the biomass and the unburnt ...
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To stop anthropogenic climate change, is it necessary to stop extracting petroleum and start pumping carbon under ground?

The amount of carbon (C) on Earth is constants. As far as i understand, all carbon that is not found in the atmosphere or the oceans in the form of CO2 or CO is stored either in the biomass (plants, ...
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How much have global GPP and biomass changed over Earth's history?

I'm curious about how much is known about this topic: how much has the total amount of life on Earth changed over the 4 billion years or so that it has existed on this planet? Are there estimates of ...
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