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What is the history behind the present day geology of California? What processes took place that led to the formation of each region as shown in fig?

This is the image showing the different geomorphic provinces of California. What led to the formation of these provinces, and what events took place that resulted in the diverse geological setting of ...
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1 answer

Will California become a subduction zone in the distant future

California is one of the few places in the world that lie on a transform fault. My question is why considering the fact that North American Plate is moving westward shouldn't California be a ...
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1 answer

Greenhouse gas emissions from wildfires in California

According to the California Air Resources Board, in 2016 (the most recent year for which figures appear to available) California's total greenhouse gas emissions were 430 million metric tons CO2 ...
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What's the story of the shear face in the new Mac OS Catalina wallpaper?

The new Mac OS boasts a beautiful default desktop background with the western tip of Santa Catalina Island. The rock formation in the foreground looks like it was sliced on the diagonal with a power ...
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Why does the color of this hillside rock vary?

Below is a roadcut in central Marin County, California, in an area maps show to have Franciscan melange. I assume this is graywacke, but as you can see it varies from gray on the sides to a buff ...
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In search of California ecosystem vegetation field guide

I am searching for an illustrated naturalist handbook to coastal California vegetation (trees, shrubs, wildflowers) organized by ecosystem. For example, there might be sections for coastal dunes (...
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1 answer

Has the Olema earthquake fence continued to spread apart?

The earthquake fence at Olema shows the sudden transform motion along the San Andreas caused by the 1906 earthquake. 110 years on, has there been ANY additional displacement?
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1 answer

How to find rocks worth tumbling?

My son recently got a rock tumbler and I was wondering if anybody knows of any resources that would show pictures of the different types of rocks as they would be found on the ground. I live in Chino ...
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What is the significance of the "super historic" rainfall for July 2015 in southern California?

On July 19, 2015 there was record rainfall over the Los Angeles and San Diego areas. This is amidst a historic drought and the rain is needed. This article: