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For questions concerning or related to subjects, locations, and fields focused on the country of Canada

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What are these large elevated regions in Northern Canada?

Complete newbie to any earth sciences here. Please tell me if this is the wrong stack exchange website I was browsing around on google earth (as one does), and I noticed these "discoloured" ...
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The reason for numerous warmer spots on Ellesmere and Axel Heiberg

About a year ago I read about the "arctic oasis of the Lake Hazen" in the Ellesmere Island Wiki article. According to that article, it is a thermal oasis. In the nearest Greenland areas, ...
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2 answers

What would it cost to stop Canada forest fires?

If the goal were to cut the total amount of smoke in the air in half, how many millions of dollars per year are we talking about here? I envision hiring hundreds of people to find fires before they ...
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Is Alert (in Canada) a harbor/port? [closed]

Alert, in Qikiqtaaluk Region, Nunavut, Canada, is northernmost permanently inhabited place in world. The site was first visited by Sir George Nares, who commanded HMS Alert in 1875-76, the first ...
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What do physical oceanography grad schools look for?

I'm a junior studying math at a Canadian university and I'm planning on applying to oceanography grad schools. However, I haven't taken much physics or geology courses, and am just starting to swap ...
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Precambrian shield and Don Valley Brickworks

living in Toronto, and interested in Geology, I am looking for some information on where the Precambrian shield rocks found in the Don Valley / Evergreen Brickworks originated. More specifically, can ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Meteorology in Canada

I'm interested in understanding how meteorology works in Canada (esp. from an Open Data perspective). Can someone explain, or provide resources, that indicates an overview of the actors involved on ...
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How to create a model to predict the salmon run

Are there any publicly available models that show you how to accurately predict the salmon run in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans? This has been such a long interest of mine, I often see the ...
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Canadian equivalent to AMLIS database?

I am interested in in situ coal fires. In furtherance of this, I am hoping to find a database of Canadian mine reclamation sites, complete with incident or status reports and descriptions of specific ...
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Does Contwoyto Lake empty into both Bathurst Inlet and Chantrey Inlet?

Contwoyto Lake is a large lake in northwestern Nunavut. Descriptions of it say that its primary outlet leads to Bathurst Inlet. Does the lake also have an outlet that leads to Chantrey Inlet, ...
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