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Effect of snow on BVOC emmisions of plants/trees

Plants re-emit a substantial fraction of their assimilated carbon into the atmosphere as Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds (BVOCs) that affect the chemical and physical properties of the atmosphere. ...
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How much of the petroleum ever formed has made it into reservoir rocks?

I am aware that it's a bit general a question, and petroleum geology (or petrology ;-)) has never been a field of interest to me. A superficial search using related keywords brings up only economic ...
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Convert methane emissions calculated with GWP100 to GWP20

Given a figure of 1 tonne of CO2e methane emissions, where the CO2e figure is calculated using the 100-year global warming potential, is it possible to do a straight conversion back to tonnes of ...
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What is the total mass of organic carbon on Earth?

What is the estimated total mass of organic carbon plus elemental carbon (defined here as all carbon in any chemical form, minus carbon dioxide, inorganic carbonates, and other fully oxidized carbon ...
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Calculating carbon sequestration on the percentage of tree cover

What variables are necessary to calculate carbon sequestration on densely population tree cover over a large spatial range? I wish to work on a project that has been proposed to me and my team at work....
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Effect of hydration on CaO in calcium looping

How does hydration increase the lifetime of CaO in calcium looping?
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