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Simple explanation of what "preferential lattice expansion due to excessive magnesium adsorption", means

In the context of crystal growth, particularly saddle or baroque dolomite development, what does "preferential lattice expansion due to excessive magnesium adsorption" mean in practical ...
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Since the upwelling of calcium carbonate reduces surface pCO2, why is its dissolution in the CCD below the lysocline of concern?

Why is so much of the literature I run across regarding global warming concerned with precipitating $\ce{CaCO3}$ to the ocean floor? In areas of relatively lower pH, such as the eastern equatorial ...
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Fossil ID: possible fauna fossil, from Perlis, Malaysia

I found this fossil while doing my fieldwork in limestone area. Description below may help to identify it. Location: NW Perlis, Malaysia (Setul Formation). Hilly Area. My Observation: Have a curly ...
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Where did the other parts of coccoliths go, if not in chalk?

It took a lot of algae shells to make a chalk deposit, and one finds fossils of bigger organisms in them, and the flints/cherts where silicates ?condensed? during lithification. But where did the non-...
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Dolomite in deep-water environment

Is it possible that dolomitization occur in deep-water environment? If it possible, how?
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Carbonate reef not horizontal in seismic section?

Carbonate reefs usually appear as homogeneous bodies surrounded by sediment layers in seismic reflection data, but in the figure below the high amplitude reflection from the top of sediment (layer 2 ...
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Volcanoes in the Great Barrier Reef

Was there ever at any point in time a volcano in the great barrier reef? I thought atolls develop from volcanic islands, and the coral grow around them.
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Average Aragonite:Calcite ratio in biogenic CaCO3 in the oceans

I wonder what the average ratio between aragonite and calcite is during the precipitation of biogenic calcium carbonate in seawater. I know some species are aragonite-favouring and some perfer using ...
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Formation of flint & chert in limestones/chalk

Chert and flint are commonly found in chalky deposits (and have obvious importance in human history as tools). What are the processes of diagenesis of these silica-rich nodules in otherwise silica-...
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