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Could travertine buildup seal up cracks in limestone?

So after a recent freeze in Texas the following overhang collapsed. Presumably water in existent cracks froze and made the cracks even bigger as the water expanded. Combined that with an increase in ...
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How did they know that there was a "desert tsunami" in a Death Valley cave after a 7.6 magnitude earthquake near the southwest of Mexico?'s story from September 23, 2022 entitled Mexico earthquake triggers 'desert tsunami' 1,500 miles away in Death Valley cave includes the following: About five minutes after the 7.6 magnitude ...
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How likely are caverns inside the mantle?

Almost everyone wrongly assumes that the Earth's mantle is liquid, but it isn't (only the outer core is). Is it possible then that there are hollow spaces within the mantle, similar to caves in the ...
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How strong/hard are speleothems?

I want to know how hard or strong typical speleothems are. For example, could an average man break off a small stalactite or soda straw? If they're very hard, how do they compare to bone?
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Possible cavern?

In eastern Ontario, Canada, there's a place where, when walking and stomping, you can hear a hollowness in the ground. The area is primarily igneous rock with many large boulders, and the spot in ...
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Sea cave vs Sea arch

How do you distinguish sea cave from sea arch? If I want to classify a crack of sea cliff as sea cave, has it to have a dead end? Would you call a geological formation as a sea cave even a kayak can ...
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What kind of lava tube feature is Cleopatra's Grave?

Cleopatra's Grave is a natural feature inside (warning: PDF) Catacombs Cave in Lava Beds National Monument near Modoc, California. Source: LookBeforeYouLive My apologies, as this image is somehow in ...
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Why are there no deep caves in the continental US?

According to and, the only cave over 1000m deep in the US is a lava cave in Hawaii. In the continental US the deepest is 505m. On ...
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How are Benagil caves formed?

The Benagil caves are really impressive. How are they formed though? What makes that perfect domed shape and how is that hole in the ceiling created?
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What is the deepest we have ever gone into the Earth?

I remember Journey to the Center of Earth and wonder: What is the deepest in the Earth surface or below sea level we have traveled either by foot, sub, drill or camera?
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What's it like inside a natural gas cavern on Earth?

I suppose natural gas underground caverns on Earth have substantial volume and gas is in gaseous form there. As such I wonder how it would look like inside such cavern (with artificial light of ...
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