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Is There Data Describing the Velocity of Different Heights of a Glacier?

I'm looking for glacier data that provides the velocity at different heights within a glacier. So, ideally I would like data that includes not only velocity at the surface, but also velocity at at ...
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Two-phase linear regression model in Python

This is my first post. I am trying my best to follow all the "how to ask a question" guidelines and hopefully my question will be clear. I am trying to find the change of slope in a time ...
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Where Do I FInd IPCC RCP Global Mean Temperature Predictions?

We have written a free textbook at ( Its main focus is on the social science side of changing emissions. We are not atmospheric scientists, so all we want to do is to ...
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Is there a georeferenced map/GIS resource for the IPCC definitions of climate zone available?

I hope to find a GIS resource for the IPCC definitions of climate zones, e.g. "Temperate, cold climate: Areas where mean annual temperature (MAT) is between 0 – 10 C, and the ratio of mean annual ...
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Countering climate change skeptics that point to previous warming episodes

If the question is a bit confusing, what I'm asking is if there is scientific evidence to counter an argument against climate change that I had come across. The person said that climate change is not ...
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How are they holding COP26 if the IPCC hasn't yet finished the report?

How are they holding COP26 if the IPCC hasn't yet completed its latest Assessment Report? I'm reading it at the moment, and more often than not there are descriptions to figures without the figures ...
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Do pressure levels correspond to elevation?

I am trying to download climate projection data and am only interested in the surface temperature, radiation, etc.!/dataset/projections-cmip6?tab=overview The ...