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What would Canada's larger lakes (Bear, Great Slave, Winnipeg, and Athabasca) look like without glaciation?

Canada's larger lakes (minus the "Great Lakes" that it shares with the USA) sit on the edge of the Canadian Shield ( On the other side of the ...
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Would 2 continental landmasses at a divergent boundary (i.e. Africa and S/A) stop/reverse direction if a continent overrode the original rift?

Something that's been bugging me for some time now. If, for example, Antarctica started subducting in the direction of the Atlantic Ocean (I'm aware it's not and isn't predicted to), and began ...
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Active rifting in Antarctica?

The West Antarctic Rift exists between the Trans-Antarctic Mountains and Marie Byrd Land (see map below for reference) Image source: NASA The rift system is believed to be like the East African Rift,...
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Where did the continents come from?

In animations that show the location / drift of the continents over the aeons, it seems that the continents (or cratons?) are just floating / drifting around, sometimes fusing or splitting, but having ...
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why continents do not subduct

In section 1.7 of Geodynamics by D. Turcotte & G. Schubet it is stated that "(...) continental crust cannot be destroyed by subduction" which I cannot completely understand. So far I ...
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Movements of the tectonic plates - collison between Indian Plate & Eurasian Plate

I am a high school student, my question is about the collision between the Indian Plate and the Eurasian Plate. When this happens what happens to the area of the Asian continent. Does it increase or ...
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Given that water will center over the mass of Earth, how could Pangaea be the only continent?

Consider this scenario: If the surface density of Earth were constant, it would follow that it would be impossible to have all land mass that is above the floor of the ocean concentrated on one side ...
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Divergent boundary and trenches between oceanic plates

Why Divergent boundary create ridges between oceanic plates and rift valley between continental plates? I think that the ridges are formed because of the volcanic eruptions. But like rift valley in ...
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Can non-antipodal Chicxulub impact seismic wave be connected to Rio Grande Rift and Laramide Orogeny?

I have conducted a brief survey of Internet sources and cannot locate any definite discussion of a possible connection between the Chicxulub impact and the inception or acceleration of the Rio Grande ...
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2 answers

Plate Tectonics: Is it possible to have an ocean-continent divergent boundary

I am procedurally generating planets for an open world space sandbox game. I am using a rough simulation of tectonic plates to create mountain ranges and other geological features. A planet surface ...
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How is dense magma able to rise and punch through continental crust?

I am trying to understand how a dense basaltic lava is able to rise and punch through the continental crust, such as in mantle plumes or the Great East African Rift. My understanding of plate ...
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When did the last rifting / break-up event occur?

When thinking about the formation of the current continents from a super-continent, it's clear that this is a gradual process, but there must be certain areas on earth which were once joined and were ...
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Did a crater cause the break up of Gondwanaland & separate Australia from Antarctica

In 2006 it was reported that the Largest Ever Killer Crater was found under ice in Antarctica. Gravity measurements taken by NASA's GRACE satellites indicate the crater is 250 million years old. The ...
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Is the Cameroon Line still an active rift zone?

The Cameroon Line is described by the Oregon State University's Volcano World webpage What is known about the volcanoes of Cameroon? as a a chain of volcanoes extending from Annobon Island in the ...