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Questions tagged [continental-rifting]

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Can non-antipodal Chicxulub impact seismic wave be connected to Rio Grande Rift and Laramide Orogeny?

I have conducted a brief survey of Internet sources and cannot locate any definite discussion of a possible connection between the Chicxulub impact and the inception or acceleration of the Rio Grande ...
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3 votes
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What would Canada's larger lakes (Bear, Great Slave, Winnipeg, and Athabasca) look like without glaciation?

Canada's larger lakes (minus the "Great Lakes" that it shares with the USA) sit on the edge of the Canadian Shield ( On the other side of the ...
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Would 2 continental landmasses at a divergent boundary (i.e. Africa and S/A) stop/reverse direction if a continent overrode the original rift?

Something that's been bugging me for some time now. If, for example, Antarctica started subducting in the direction of the Atlantic Ocean (I'm aware it's not and isn't predicted to), and began ...
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