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Extent of desert area influence in local climate

With reference to this image...: ...from this recent tweet, I was wondering to what extent would Mediterranean regions be affected by the large desert areas to its South? "Affected", here meaning ...
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How to obtain the correlation between monthly streamflows based on physical concepts?

I've been tasked with generating synthetic streamflow scenarios through disaggregation. First, I will generate 50 years of streamflow data. For that, I will probably use a simple model as AR(1) or an ...
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Correlation and causation

Linear correlation (Pearson's) is vastly applied in meteorology/climatology to assess the relationship between two variables, say precipitation and SST, for example. However, we know that correlation ...
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How can I analyze how environmental conditions are related among different sites?

I want to analyze how the environmental conditions along the migratory route of a bird are related to the environmental conditions found at the breeding ground (which it is at high latitudes and we ...
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Is there a reliable way to identify regions with negatively-correlated winds?

When examining the potential for large-scale electricity grids, and when identifying the lowest-cost ways to generate clean electricity, a recurring theme is of spreading wind generation across a wide-...
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Correlating the Caledonian and Appalachian Orogenies

The Caledonian mountains and Appalachian mountains are recognised to be the roots of the same Palaeozoic orogenic belt. This has since been split in two with the opening of the Atlantic. On the ...
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