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For question dealing with the Earth's crust or other planemos.

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By how much did the Earth's diameter decrease due to cooling, if at all, since it was formed?

The answer to How long until Earth's core solidifies? question cites an estimation that the Earth (as a planet, not the surface of it) has cooled down by about 250K since it was formed. The question ...
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On which software can I simulate landmass collisions?

Such as in 3D simulations of vehicule crashes but this time with huge rocks or bodies of water (continental plates). I need to be able to set the properties of the material (density, size etc) and see ...
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Crustal age global map

I've been searching for a map depicting the age of each part of the crust for a long time. I'm not a geologist but I'm a physicist so I would like to know about the most up-to-date and accurate ...
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Why do ophiolites obduce upon Continental Crust?

Oceanic Crust is more dense than continental one. The margin between both types of materials can be passive or develop a subduction zone, where Oceanic Crust sinks under continental one. I know there ...
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Is the earth crust under the pacific ocean heavier than in the rest of the planet?

Please bear with me, since I don't know much about geography or geology. I was looking at an earth globe and noticed the pacific ocean covers virtually half of the planet (more or less). How is it ...
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Displacement-Length scaling relationship on extraterrestrial faults

Faults on Earth share a similar displacement/length ratio of around 0.03 which scales from very small faults to very large faults. Would this apply to faults on other planets and if so, are there any ...
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Mountain formation and stress release?

I have been studying mountain formation, and have some questions about how orogeny and plate stress release are related... Does orogeny contribute to the release of accumulated stress within the ...
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Is the Theia impact partly responsible for the distribution of mantle plumes?

I was looking at a map of the distribution of mantle plumes, and was wondering if they could be residual material that was either brought here or affected by the Theia impact. It seems to me that this ...
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When was the thickness of the Earth's crust calculated?

When was the average thickness of the Earth's crust first calculated or estimated? What did scientists know about the thickness of the Earth's crust before the 20th century? In what interval(s) fell ...
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If all liquid stuff inside the Earth turned solid, what would be the effect?

There are parts inside the Earth (near the core) that are liquid. Presumably causing the Earth's magnetic field (though there are celestial bodies that are completely solid while they have a magnetic ...
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Which places in Earth's crust have the highest concentrations of Iron?

Where would somebody find the highest concentrations of Iron on or near Earth's surface?
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