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questions relating to the arrangement of atoms in solids, such as the ways in which crystal structure influence material properties, or suitable analytical methods e.g. X-ray diffraction and microscopy

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Why does asbestos grow in a hierarchy of separable fibers of separable fibrils; why don't they stick to each other or grow into each other?

Wikipedia's Asbestos begins: Asbestos (/æsˈbɛstɒs, æz-, -təs/) is a naturally occurring fibrous silicate mineral. There are six types, all of which are composed of long and thin fibrous crystals, ...
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Can humidity changes induce stacking-sequence changes?

My understanding is that some minerals with layered crystal structures will reversibly absorb water with changes in humidity. Are there any minerals where this reversible absorption leads to a ...
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What is the name for a ABC hcp lattice that is squeezed along the direction vertical to the ABC planes?

I am trying to classify a bravais lattice. It is a hexagonaly close packed lattice with (ABC) planes, that is fcc, but it is squeezed along the stacking direction, so perpendicular to the planes. Just ...
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Good modern paper demonstrating differentiation of glauconite and berthierine using xrd or FTIR

I'm looking for a recent paper that demonstrates how one would unambiguously differentiate glauconite from berthierine and have yet to find something useful. I'm running across a lot of papers seeming ...
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Help me find a certain type of crystallographic notation

I was looking through wikipedia a few weeks ago while half asleep, reading articles about rocks and their chemical compositions. I then came across a certain crystallographic notation which I had not ...
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Crystallography: The shape of axial divergent profiles

I don't know if crystallography related topics go into this stack exchange, so sorry if that's wrong here. My question concerns the characteristic shape of axial divergent powder patterns. According ...
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